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I Know It’s Friday But It’s Not 5 O’Clock, Yet…

It’s Friday but the final two hours are making me want to just…

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But instead, I’m sitting here like…

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Image from harlequin-resents.tumblr.com

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When Everything Imaginable Goes Wrong At Work…

First, I’m like…

Then, as it gets perpetually worse, I’m like…

Then if anyone makes a snarky comment or interrupts, I’m like…

But then I realize it’s Friday and once 5 o’clock hits, I’ll be like…



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The Final Countdown on Friday

Just 30 more minutes before you can clock out and GTFO, but I’m like:

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Image from mlkshk.com

Image from reactiongifs.com

Image from reactiongifs.com

Image from wifflegif.com

Image from wifflegif.com

Image from wifflegif.com

Image from wifflegif.com

Image from victorious.wikia.com

Image from victorious.wikia.com

It’s Friday, y’all…flip that desk.

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Happy Friday | Mental Preparation for the Long Day Ahead

When I wake up and realize it’s Friday:

Then when I get into work and look at the clock…

Then when it’s lunch time, I’m like:

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Then comes the agonizing 4 hours remaining…IS IT FUCKING 5 o’clock, yet?!

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Image from totallylaughed.tumblr.com

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What I want to do after lunch on Friday:

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Image from weknowmemes.com

What happens on Friday:

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