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I Know It’s Friday But It’s Not 5 O’Clock, Yet…

It’s Friday but the final two hours are making me want to just…

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But instead, I’m sitting here like…

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Dealing with “That Person” in the Office

Everybody has one, right? That one person in the office who you just don’t mesh with. Words that often come to mind when describing this person include arrogant, know-it-all (but full of shit), ass kisser, fake, soul-less, douche, fucktard, shithead, and the list goes on…

Mentally, I want to be like…

Flint Rider gif

(Image from disn3rd-w0rld.tumblr.com)

But in reality, I’m like…

barbie gif

(Image from theevolutionofnerdy.tumblr.com)

When they try to throw someone under the bus to save themselves, I’m like…

angry funny gif

(Image from theevolutionofnerdy.tumblr.com)

angry gif

(Image from ryanatwood.co.vu)

When they try to act like hot shit, I’m like…

Weirded out gif

(Image from madisonmontgomeryy.tumblr.com)

When they say something snarky or douchey, I’m like…

Michael Scott gif

Annoyed gif

Mushu gif

Overall, though….I’m just like…

Daniel Radcliffe gif

bored gif


power gif

…is it fucking Friday, yet??

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When Everything Imaginable Goes Wrong At Work…

First, I’m like…

Then, as it gets perpetually worse, I’m like…

Then if anyone makes a snarky comment or interrupts, I’m like…

But then I realize it’s Friday and once 5 o’clock hits, I’ll be like…



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Sunday Night When You Realize…

…how bleeping busy the upcoming week is going to be…

First, I’m like:

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Then, I’m like…but it’s still Sunday so I’ll just…

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It’s Not Even Lunch Time, Yet… But TGIF

Ten minutes into work, I’m like….

Image from funnyjunk.com

After lunch, I’m like…

Image from theberry.com

Image from goodreads.com



Image from reactiongifs.com

BUT IT’S FRIDAY…so I guess I can’t be too mad…


But then when I look at the clock, I’m like…

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Wednesday Is Alright…Because It’s Hump Day

We’ve reached the middle of the week! Congratulations, everyone!

Image from funnyordie.com

Hump Day celebration to keep us sane…

Image from gifsoup.com

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Two O’Clock Torture on Tuesday | Office Blues

Government is shut down…and it’s only Tuesday… IS IT FRIDAY, YET?!!?!?

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……When someone asks me for a favor on Tuesday…..I’m like…..

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The Vicious Cycle of Monday’s

When I get into work, I’m like…

Image from fun2video.com

10 minutes into checking emails, I’m like…

Image from working-retail-sucks.tumblr.com

After lunch, I’m like…

Image from working-retail-sucks.tumblr.com

Image from h.hatena.com

Image from killthehydra.com

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Happy Friday | Mental Preparation for the Long Day Ahead

When I wake up and realize it’s Friday:

Then when I get into work and look at the clock…

Then when it’s lunch time, I’m like:

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Image from yourdailygifs.tumblr.com

Then comes the agonizing 4 hours remaining…IS IT FUCKING 5 o’clock, yet?!

Image from totallylaughed.tumblr.com/

Image from totallylaughed.tumblr.com

Image from awesomegifs.com

Image from satireknight.wikispaces.com

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Wednesday “Hump Day” Contemplation

Option 1: Food poisoning (force it)

Option 2: Sustain an Injury

Option 3: Cry Hysterically (emo)

Option 4: Do #2 and #3 at the same time


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