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Sunday Night When You Realize…

…how bleeping busy the upcoming week is going to be…

First, I’m like:

Image from pandawhale.com

Image from evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com

Image from theonlygirlamongboys.blogspot.com

Then, I’m like…but it’s still Sunday so I’ll just…

Image from relatie.blog.nl

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Happy Friday | Mental Preparation for the Long Day Ahead

When I wake up and realize it’s Friday:

Then when I get into work and look at the clock…

Then when it’s lunch time, I’m like:

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Image from yourdailygifs.tumblr.com

Then comes the agonizing 4 hours remaining…IS IT FUCKING 5 o’clock, yet?!

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Image from totallylaughed.tumblr.com

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